reCAPTCHA with ASP.NET MVC 3 RAZOR using Microsoft.Web.Helpers and jQuery

My goal was to put a reCAPTCHA onto my registration page. I’m building the site using ASP.MVC using the Razor view engine. This is a holy hellish bitch to figure out how to get working the first time with all the conflicting posts from people on it and then of course some of it just …

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Updating Entity Framework EDMX when changes are made to the database.

This isn’t obvious, at least it wasn’t to me and for some reason when I searched for this I didn’t come up with the answer either. To update the Entity Framework EDMX and sync it with your DB changes you double click on the EDMX in the VS2010 Solution Explorer. This brings up the designer …

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Serving WCF HTTPS content through HTTP hosted Silverlight.

Silverlight doesn’t like making cross domain or cross scheme calls by default and in some cases it doesn’t support HTTPS calls for certain items. I was tasked with building an application that loaded some information from one of our databases and served it in a client application that included a MediaElement with streaming video. After …

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jQuery UI Slider and IE8 Compatibility Mode / IE7

After implementing the slider control from jQuery UI with our video player I was quite happy with the overall performance and the look and feel, unfortunately I experienced some headaches when it was deployed as the setup I had implemented did not work with IE8 in the compatibility mode. Now, thankfully the app was for …

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Threading and ManualResetEvent vs Thread.Sleep

Found this really interesting post on StackOverflow that clarified the performance difference between using events and the more obvious but less efficient Thread.Sleep(). We have a real-time messaging app that we wanted to wait on calling back the client if a message was not queued up for delivery (to avoid unnecessary callbacks if messages were …

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Javascript for in statement usage.

I don’t know why I forget the syntax for things like this.

And since objects in Javascript are also associative arrays you can do things like this.

Switching between C#, Javascript and all the rest it’s the simple things my brain dumps out.

WordPress Google Syntax Highlighting with XHTML

Well, I set up this blog and then wanted a code syntax highlighter, because those are nifty. I installed this plugin and all seemed well. Then though I noticed the little XHTML link on the right side of the blog that is installed there by default and I clicked on it and it went over …

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Winforms, DataGridViews and overriding events.

WinForms are archaic and outdated with the new hotness that is WPF (not really), but I still use them.  Not often enough to know much in detail about them, but enough to get myself into trouble. I made a small app with a data entry/update form and then on another tab added a DataGridView that …

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